Donna J. TuttleDonna J. Tuttle is the Projects Coordinator for the San Antonio Business Journal. She acts as editor of  half a dozen special publications/magazines for the newspaper, writes the “Working Ideas” column and general business news stories, manages the intern program, and handles the newsroom Twitter account. Highlights (or lowlights, depending on your view) of her career include covering the S&L crisis in Texas in the late 80s and early 90s, following the ensuing bankruptcy and restructuring industry on a national scene, and chronicling the lives of some of the world’s most powerful businesswomen for the Forte Foundation

She is the founder and quitter of several book clubs, a lover of Uni-Ball Vision Elite gel pens, spearmint gum, and Diet Coke, and someday  would like to patent a tiny Desk Zamboni that would periodically motor by and sweep her desk.  Donna is the wife of  a college dean, mother to four children, ages 6 to 17, and finds that her I.Q. is inversely proportional to her children’s ages. Her first official published news story (after graduating from obituaries and weddings) was the obligatory “what’s-it-like-to-ride with the pizza guy?” story for R.I.’s  Kent County Daily Times in 1987. Her assessment: Cheesy.


One Response to “About”

  1. Donna,
    What a great post!!! Humorous and packed with great information at the same time–I love it. Thanks for the awesome tips on pitching the media. So, so helpful.
    Are you from RI originally? I’m a Rhode Islander–still live here after a brief stint in Atlanta before having my three kids (whom I referee and negotiate with as well!).
    So glad I found your blog! I write a blog for mom entrepreneurs at http://www.TheMogulMom.com. Would love to feature you or have you write a guest post! 🙂
    Thanks again.

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